About Lightning RV

Lightning RV Supply started in 1992 to serve the market place with excellent name brand products, same day shipping, and a knowledgeable sales force committed to serving you. As we have grown, we have added the finest manufacturers in the RV industry and currently have over 7,000 brand name products to serve you. We welcome your comments and suggestions on products you would like to see added and any changes in the electronic catalog that would make it easier for you to use.

We consider it our privilege to serve you. Thank you for bringing us to our 15th anniversary.

Brad G. Green
Our Mission
Serving from a Christian Perspective
Mark 10:45 For even Jesus did not come to be served but to serve.
Lightning RV Supplys’ Core Values
God Honoring: We strive to honor God in all that we do.
Honesty & Integrity: We will always be honest with the customer and each other with good news as well as bad news. We know that only when we are honest can we build strong relationships.
Enjoyable working environment: We commit to being diligent in our work and making work as enjoyable as possible.
Constant commitment to change and learning: We have a commitment to never be satisfied with what we know and where we are today. We commit to always trying to improve and learn on a daily basis. We can always get better.
Commitment to trusting relationships: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We realize the most valuable asset we have is our relationships; therefore, we are committed to building relationships based on honesty and trust.
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